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I thought of other parents whose children misuse their agency. I thought also that, while no other success of ours can compensate for our failures within or outside our homes, there is a success that can compensate when we cannot, after we conscientiously do all we can. That success is the Atonement of Jesus Christ, which can mend what for us is beyond repair. While much of the perfection process involves a healing from sin and bitterness, the process involves an additional, affirmative dimension through which we may acquire a Christlike nature, becoming even as the Father and Son are.

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His life was sinless; hence, he received grace not to compensate for his sins, but to empower his personal growth:. When the Atonement and our repentance satisfy the laws of justice and mercy, we are, in effect, free from sin. These scriptures make it clear that we do not achieve perfection solely through our own efforts.

Knowing just that much is a source of new perspective.

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Because we feel overwhelmed with the scriptural injunction to seek perfection, the idea that divine grace is the final source of our perfection may seem too good to be true. But the gospel has good news not only for the serious transgressor, but for all who long to be better than they are.

Beauty For Ashes

Then we will exhibit divine character not just because we think we should, but because that is the way we are. Its source, like all other blessings of the Atonement, is the grace of God. Another affirmative endowment of grace is the gift of hope, which blesses us with the state of mind necessary to deal with the gap between where we are and where we seek to be.

The gift of hope offers peace and perspective, like the encouragement we feel when a close friend gives us insight about a difficult problem and we sense that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Savior desires to save us from our inadequacies as well as from our sins. The Lord will not save us in our sins, but from them. However, he can save us in our inadequacies as well as from them. A sense of falling short or falling down is not only natural, but essential to the mortal experience. But, after all we can do, the Atonement can fill that which is empty, straighten our bent parts, and make strong that which is weak.

In their admirable and sometimes blindly dogged sense of personal responsibility, some believe that in the quest for eternal life, the Atonement is only for big-time sinners. As everyday Latter-day Saints who just have to try harder, they feel that they must make it on their own.


The truth is not that we must make it on our own, but that he will make us His own. After Adam and Eve had partaken of the tree of knowledge, the Lord barred the way to the tree of life. They needed the time and space and shaping purpose of mortality. See Alma The Lord never intended that we should partake of the tree of life and thereby gain full access to perfecting grace before we have stumbled and groped to learn all we can from the disappointments and surprises of this vale of tears.

We, like Adam and Eve, must make the best of our circumstances. We need not apologize for the typical untidiness of those circumstances. It is their very lone and dreary nature that allows them to shape us as they do. Perhaps we can only appreciate and comprehend the gift of eternal life after we do all we can do. Until we are prepared in what may look like very imperfect ways to receive them, we are not ready for the gifts that perfect our nature.

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In his dream of the tree of life, Lehi found himself in a dark and dreary wasteland and saw others surrounded by a great mist of darkness. The path was marked by the iron rod, the word of God. See 1 Ne. Holding fast to this rod in the mists of darkness, we, as did Lehi, grope and move our way homeward. As we do, we are likely to find that the cold rod of iron will begin to feel in our hands as the warm, firm, loving hand of him who literally pulls us along the way.

And he held true to that advice, simply telling the women that he believed in them, and that he liked all of them but not enough where he wanted them to stay around.

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  • There is a joy and a beauty that exudes from the women. For many of them, they came from homes or marriages where they were abused and labeled as worthless. This cycle led to addiction and substance abuse that put them in dangerous and illegal circumstances. One woman confessed that she grew up feeling like she was absolute trash. After years of abuse by different men in her family, she lived in abandoned apartments with deadly addictions and had her children taken away by the state.

    Hearing that Christ not only renewed their hearts, but also gave them a sense of worth so different than what they had known prior to being incarcerated is at the center of the story. Over and over, the women celebrated what a life is truly worth thanks to the maker of life. Throughout the program, they worshiped and called out to God with a rawness unseen in most of our churches and faith gatherings. There are no secrets here. Everyone has an interesting and heartbreaking story to tell. Three women stood up and gave their testimonies.

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    One came from a military family and made six figures before her life crashed, another sold drugs and deliberately tried to overdose with cocaine, and a third tried to piece together a family marked by complete dysfunction.