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Read Dr. Schwartz's article "The Larger Self," his inspiring first-hand account of how he developed and uses the IFS Model and the extraordinary, transformative effect it has on him and his clients. Click here for a Youtube introduction video of the IFS approach of therapy.

Switch to Accessible Site. Christian IFS Therapy. Click here for more information. Richard Schwartz, LMFT that is compassionate, spiritual, powerfully healing, and respectful of our inner life.

IFS recognizes that our thought life and emotions are organized sub-personalities that function in specific patterns for specific reasons. We all develop defense mechanisms to protect us from emotional pain.

Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy, Busy Mamas, Day 3: Ifs and Thens | The Doorposts Blog

For example, if you are criticized by someone close to you, a typical knee jerk reaction is to get defensive. If we decide it is bad, we try to get rid of it. Helpful Forms Click here to view and print forms for your appointment. See Luke and James We envision all the possible trials we might face, but fail to look at them through a heavenly lens and remember the grace, strength, and victory that God offers for every challenge we must walk through.

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We must remember that God gives us the grace we need for specific trials right when we need it, and not before. Rather than worrying about what might happen in the future, we can rest securely in the knowledge that:. God can turn anything the enemy means for evil into good in our lives. See Genesis and Romans He will not allow us to walk through trials we are not able to handle. See 1 Corinthians Even when we walk through difficult circumstances, we can triumph through every challenge when we put our hope in Him.

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See Psalm Elisabeth Elliot wrote,. Often we neglect the thing assigned for the moment because we are preoccupied with something that is not our business just now. How easy it is to give only half our attention to someone who needs us — friend, husband, or little child — because the other half is focused on a future worry.

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