BURIED GOLD IN TEXAS (Justice In Cypress bottom)

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Two-lipped blue flowers bloom in September and October. May self-seed in optimum growing conditions, forming attractive colonies.

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Short-lived perennial. Narrow, lance-shaped, gray-green, basal foliage with smaller stem leaves.

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Dome-shaped clusters of white flowers from July-October. The 8 in.

Bold textural plant in gardens. Bottle Gentian flowers form late summer well into fall in one to three clusters at the end of stems. The closed flowers have a tiny opening at the tip and are pollinated by bumblebees who push their way into the flowers. A moderate-to-fast-growing, long-lived tree with the largest leaves and acorns of all the oaks. Leaves turn brown or light yellow in the fall.

Trees are weakly pyramidal when young then develop a massive trunk and broad crown with strong branches. Oaks provide food and shelter to a wide range of wildlife. Native Environment Savanna and […]. A bright yellow annual in late summer.


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Flowers are prolific and showy. Bright orange, flat-topped flower clusters June through July. Plants bloom for many weeks. Host plant for the monarch butterfly and a great nectar source for many other butterflies and pollinators. A low, smooth, almost shrublike plant with twisting stems that do not climb. Leaves are compound with 3 leaflets and usually dark green. Beautiful pea-like flowers up to 2 inches long of pale blue-lilac with darker veining are produced from May-September. Native Environment Savanna and Woodland. Ball-shaped, creamy white flowers in August. Butterflies and insects find the nectar irresistible.

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The nutlike seeds are eaten by many waterfowl and many types of birds use it as a nesting site. Will grow in rain gardens.

This nonagressive mint has a pleasing fragrance when the plants are bruised. The small lavender flowers producing both nectar and pollen are likely pollinated by small bees. Photo by Mervin Wallace. Showy seedheads with long bristle-like awns reminiscent of barley of this cool season grass mature in mid-summer. The seedheads often curve outward unlike Virginia Wild Rye which is more upright. Plants are usually strong clumps. Upright stems brilliant red flowers in late summer. A favorite source of nectar for hummingbirds. Hair-like leaves. Ecological Benefits: Species of butterflies, leaf hoppers, grasshoppers, and beetles feed on sedge foliage.

Showy yellow flowers in April and May are held above lobed, blue-green leaves that bleed yellow. An attractive oak with toothed leaves like those of a Chestnut tree. Foliage is green and shiny, turning to yellow-orange in fall.

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Fruit is red, ripening to purple in fall. Grow as a screen or as an understory planting as it has unusual shade tolerance for a cherry. Forms large upright clumps. This tall fern has large medium-green fronds and a stately, gracefully curved, upright habit with separate, showy cinnamon brown fertile fronds that emerge from the center of the plant.

The best way to distinguish this fern from the Ostrich Fern is by the fertile fronds that appear in May and mature by mid-June. Ostrich fern […].

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  • Flowers attract butterflies and other pollinators. Native Environment Cliff, Glade. They are very ornamental. A small tree developing a flattened crown with long layered branches. Clusters of white flowers bloom in May and are followed by deep red berries in fall. Red and yellow nodding flowers in April and May.

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    Source of nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds. Found naturally on rocky ledges and wooded rocky slopes. Native Environment Cliff. Tall stems with large, light green leaves. Large, round heads of pinkish-purple, fragrant flowers are held at the tips of the stems. The beauty of the flowers and the incredible insect activity they generate are captivating. Large seed pods form in late summer and disperse […]. Large, yellow sunflower-like flowers bloom in loose spikes in summer on stiff stems to 9 ft.

    This plant adds form and texture to the landscape. Copper-colored flowers bloom in late spring. Bright green, sword-shaped leaves remain attractive through the growing season. Flowers attract hummingbirds. Clump-forming vine. Great species for hummingbirds. Not an aggressive vine like Japanese honeysuckle.

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    A rare suckering shrub found in the bootheel of Missouri. Showy catkins flowers appear in early spring followed by thick, shiny green leaves. Fall color is yellow. Chartreuse fruit held close to the stems. Extremely light wood hence the name, is less dense than cork. Separate male […].