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A Sunday afternoon of smashmouth football when my team crushed another opponent helped me feel like I could conquer the world. At least while I watched the highlight reels after the game. A few years later, to my surprise, I found myself watching a golf tournament.

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To me, golf had seemed as exciting as washing the kitchen floor, but then a putting match got my attention. I decided to give it a look.

Soon after, Tiger came on the scene. What can I say? Now, decades later, I know enough about heroes to understand you have to pick them carefully and know their place in your life.

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Sports teams eventually lose, and many champions have feet of clay. I began to lose interest in football when the scandals of the team owner came to light, and the front office treated Joe badly I thought. It was hard to root for guys who abused women, when that stuff became news. And then, Tiger.

Don't bother me!

But lo and behold. The Niners are 7 and 0 again. First time since or so. I remember that year. I remember all the good years. Is he another Joe? Probably not. When football was part of my therapy.

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Will I stick around if they start losing? I admit it. That sports fill a function in our society. The Greeks knew it. Of course, they idolized the perfection of the body. I had work to do on myself.

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But I had a place to put some love that had gone missing. I found some hope when I felt hopeless, that my guys would come through for me on game day when I could barely come through for myself.

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I had a bit of triumph that gave me just enough of a boost that I could face Monday morning again and carve a path through my gloom until I became my own winner. We see ourselves in the roles of our heroes on the field. Make us feel better than we think we are, capable of more than we can shoulder, at least in the moment.

At least for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. And that, my friends, when your spirit is shattered, is priceless. Thank you for reading.

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Sign in. Get started. How a winning sports team can help you get through a losing patch in your life. Helen Cassidy Page Follow. I thought I had a bright idea. I published it and saw so many others like it. I Vowed To Stop Judging. There I go again! A phrase is a group of words commonly used together e. Don't bother me. No me molestes. I have enough problems of my own. No me fastidies con tus problemas.

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