Dynamic Kabbalah : Your Cosmic Connection

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God is never illustrated in human form and is without gender. God is outside the range of human comprehension and so transcendent that humans cannot interact with the divine realm. In order to allow humans access to God's power, God created ten sefirot , emanations of divine energy, which describe and express the manifestations of God in the human world. The ten sefirot exist within God, of God, and make up the unity and continuity that is God. All of creation, growth, and decay are embodied within them and they represent the unfolding of the universe.

Gateway to the Knowledge of Kabbalah and Chassidut The sefirot are like channels that bring power to the universe in a form that humans can and need to use. Humans could not survive without the sefirot , and likewise, Ein Sof requires our belief, our participation in creation.

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The ten sefirot correspond in descending order to qualities of God, including both feminine and masculine qualities. None is separate from the others and each are connected to the entire universe, affected by everything good and evil done by humanity. However, the sefirot do lie within a hierarchy, as each sefirah grows out of the previous one. Keter , the crown, is the beginning, all embracing sefirah , also called the Simple Point or Ancient of Days Daniel Chokhmah is wisdom, the masculine essence that grew out of the ancient one.

Binah is also known as Ima , or mother, is the highest feminine emanation of the sefirot , and refers to intuition and understanding. Chesed , kindness and greatness, is masculine. Geburah , mercy, power and justice is feminine. Tipheret refers to glory and is both masculine and feminine because it is the combination of Chesed and Geburah. Netzach is masculine firmness, victory, and might. Hod is feminine majesty and splendor. Yesod , the foundation, is a combination of Netzach and Hod. Finally, through Malkut , the kingdom, the nine sefirot above it travel from God to the physical world.

Dynamic Kabbalah: Your Cosmic Connection

Malkut is therefore also called Shechinah , or the Spirit of God. The connections between the sefirot are described as sulam , a ladder, or etz , a living tree. The roots are Ein Sof , the infinite God, the kingdom, the trunk, the foundation the fanning out of the branches, with beauty and compassion at the center and the crown at the top. Da'ath is a secret sphere of knowledge existing in the Kabbalistic tree.

Binah and Chokmah create a circulation of positive and negative energies throughout the tree. Da'ath exists where Binah and Chokmah combine in Tipheret , creating a void of formless energy, a balanced harmony that illuminates the human consciousness, providing creativity and knowledge to humans.

Finkin Another way to configure the sefirot is into partzufim , profiles, or into a figure of human likeness. This supports the notion that humans were made in the image and likeness of God, with each sefirah corresponding to a limb or organ. The sefirot interact through tzinorot , a network of channels. These networks align Chochmah , Binah ,and Tiferet as having a cognitive dynamic, Chesed , Gevurah , and Tifere t having an emotional dynamic, and Netzach , Hod , and Yesod having an instinctual and functional dynamic.

Binah , the first feminine emanation, is the third of the ten sefirot , and the second conscious power of the creative intellect. It is on the left axis of the configuration of the sefirot and corresponds to the left hemisphere of the human brain. Binah is associated with conceptual analysis and comprehension and involves an ability to determine inherent truth or fallacy and to explain and clarify concepts to others.

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Gateway to the Knowledge of Kabbalah and Chassidut. Within Kabbalah, the sefirot are seen as a complete symbolic body, Adam Kadmon , primordial man. According to the Kabbalah, this man was formed of light and is one of God's transcendent manifestations.

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Adam was then actually made in the likeness of Adam Kadmon. The two sefirot which most often describe the body are Tipheret and Malkut Shekhinah. Tipheret is represented by the torso, heart, and spine and is the mediating force between judgment and mercy. It is the written Torah.

Malkut is the feminine emanation that, in corporeal representations, is the mouth. It is the oral Torah. There is an angel appointed over the birds. Why did You decree that this bird be exiled from her nest? And what does the Holy One do? Is there no one who seeks compassion for them and will plead their case? The dynamic described here is threefold. First of all, there is an angel appointed even over birds, who is acutely sensitive to their plight and watches over them just as the mother bird watches over her young.

In a human-centered universe, the plight of human beings comes first and foremost. In kabbalistic thinking, moreover, commandments and rituals are never merely symbolic or pedagogic, but deeds that bring about immediate changes in the supernal realms. Translated from mystical into humanistic terms, this law sensitizes us to all of the relationships involved: mother, child, persons, God.

The commandment is a medium through which our awareness of these relationships is heightened and ideally channeled toward something redemptive. In the end, a technicality prevented my mother from shooing away the mother bird on her balcony. Register Now. The Kabbalah of Birds' Nests Is a biblical commandment against taking a mother bird with her young intended to teach mercy, or is it about something else? Lynde, Brooklyn Museum. Sarah Rindner. Daily Weekly. Nothing to do with religious dogma, the ideas in this book are earth-shattering and yet so simple.

There was much talk about flows of consciousness, forces of darkness and blocking the light. Yardeni grew up in a nonobservant family and started studying kabbalah as a teenager while in the Israeli Air Force, where he gave instruction in Hawk missiles. When I met Karen Berg, she immediately pointed out that Donna Karan was a Libra, and at a Friday-night dinner in New York, Miriam, one of the hipper and better dressed among the chevra , confidently assessed me as a Scorpio.

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Just for the record, I am a Gemini. I was truly touched when Michael promised to send someone that very Sunday to put them up, only to discover that that was the last I would hear of it. A year and a half after I began my explorations, the cynic in me writes the center off as hokum, a brilliantly shrewd commercial enterprise, playing on the existentially orphaned state that is the general condition of many people today, in or out of Los Angeles, offering spiritual cachet for cash. Still, the ever-hopeful, lapsed Orthodox Jew in me wonders whether I might have found my own personal mystically tinged form of antireligious religion had I been willing to overlook the crass reductionism and imbibe the New Age atmosphere of nonjudgmental compassion.

Under what aspects this invisible stream of Jewish mysticism will again come to surface we cannot tell. Why, for instance, as many observers have wondered, is the center so reluctant to discuss how the millions it raises every year as a nonprofit organization are actually spent? Meanwhile, the couple from Queens and their chevra have pulled a rabbit out of a hat, made believers out of ex-car mechanics and former real-estate brokers. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. Site Navigation Site Mobile Navigation.


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