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Similarly, even though you may be tackling some dust and grime in the process, try to avoid wearing dark colors, especially black and grey. Wear bright cheerful colors, especially red, which can encourage you to be more active. As you reduce the clutter in your home, you may find yourself with more space and less stress.

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Those are things we can all appreciate. One of the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a home is your stage of life. Your home should suit your View Full Post. If you are one of the 44 million Americans with student loan debt, you may think that buying a home is out of your reach Housing is one of the biggest expenses in the monthly budgets of most American families. With so much of our income devoted to keeping a TimberCraft Tips.

What Is Feng Shui?

Tags: homebuilder yukon ok , homes for sale edmond ok , homes in yukon ok , new homes for sale edmond ok , new homes in yukon ok Categorised in: Community Profile , Decorating Tips , DIY Tips. How to Buy a Home — Even with Student Loan Debt If you are one of the 44 million Americans with student loan debt, you may think that buying a home is out of your reach View All Posts. Feng shui problems can even affect your reputation, make it harder to meet new people, and lead to increased arguments and miscommunication -- all of which contribute to difficulties in your love life.

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Improving your love luck with feng shui starts with understanding that attracting a partner is only part of the solution. For example, if a serious relationship has recently ended, you may need a period of healing and self-reflection before starting to date again, no matter how eager you are to connect with your next partner. Maybe you have no trouble finding dates, but can't seem to meet the right kind of person.

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Or perhaps you're seeing someone exclusively, but seem to be stuck just short of commitment. Here are some quick ways you can apply basic feng shui principles to increase your chances of success in various stages of the relationship cycle:. When you need to recover from a break-up before moving on, your key task is to let go of the old relationship and reconnect with who you are as an individual.

Feng Shui, it brings Money and Luck, listen 10 minutes a day

In feng shui terms, relics from past relationships - such as photographs, clothes, and mementos - hold you in the past. The stronger that old energy is, the harder it will be to move on to someone new. Remove anything that reminds you of a past failed relationship from your bedroom.

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This includes things that are out of sight in your closet, a dresser drawer, or under the bed. Pillows, mattresses, and bedding absorb your energy over time, so when a marriage or live-in relationship ends, it's a good idea to buy new sheets and pillows and even a new mattress if you can afford it, to help you make a fresh start. New bedding is also a good idea if you have been single and lonely for a long time. Pamper yourself during this stage, and try to do at least one thing every day just because it makes you happy. When you are actively looking for a partner, your key task is to create space for a new romance.

1. Always Have a Book

If your closets, dresser drawers, and bathroom shelves are filled up with your own stuff, there is no room on an energetic level for someone new to come in. That's why the best way to attract a new romance is to literally make space for it.

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Empty out at least one dresser drawer for your next partner's clothes. Make space in the closet, in the bathroom cabinet, and on bookcase shelves. Start with your bedroom, then move on to the rest of the house. Where will your new sweetheart put his or her health supplements, exercise gear, notebook computer?

Is there room for another car in your garage, or have you filled that space up with stuff? Make a list of all the areas of your home where your new partner might need some space, and try to free up at least 25 percent of it. If you can't clear 25 percent of the relevant spaces, just do the best you can; your strong intention to create room for a new relationship is the most important factor.