Four Pieces of Reyn

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Four Pieces of Reyn

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    Time to party: Montblanc and The Webster celebrated the launch of their new, limited-edition collection this week. After taking slashes to his chest and leg, Reyn was forced out of a window by Trent, who only shouted for him to run before returning to the battle. Clearly outnumbered and outdone, Reyn fled to the Darlove house and was then immediately tended to. During his healing, on the 4th day of the festival, the Eulalia house had made a lot of commotion.

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    Reyn was quick to try and head to a balcony to get a view, but struggled to get there. Many folk ran past him and others were screaming to let people go. Once Reyn headed out onto the balcony, he saw his pact. Doytt, Levi, and Trent. Bloodied and bruised with cuts almost all over, Reyn could only watch in horror. The Queen was making a speech, talking about "making an example of the Darloves".

    When her speech ended she signaled her men. Shortly after, three men with daggers took to slashing the throats of each pact member one after the other. Outrage grew and people of different families began fighting. A riot had broke out and Reyn was in the middle of it. He struggled to make it away from the festival alive. More years had passed, and Reyn had grown too. He was much bigger than most men around him making his presence all the more intimidating even around other Darloves. Now, at age 20, Reyn had grown emotionless. What he lost in emotion he exceeded at in his skills in combat.

    He was no perfect warrior, but he learned a lot after the Eulalian massacre. Those who then hunted with him only felt his sense of rage looming through the air even though he never lost his temper. He had nothing but hate for Eulalia. The Queen was a target in his eyes, but he was not going to instantly attack. He had to plan out how he could assassinate the Queen.

    In that passing time, however, the time came to send a new candidate overseas to the Hales. This time Reyn had been chosen. While it was a completely random decision, Reyn feels he was intentionally sent away to not cause another battle on the Isle. Loaded onto a boat and sent in the direction of the Hales, Reyn ended up on the docks of Aedwin. He had been sent to find information about the royalty of the kingdoms in the Hales.

    So Reyn took to finishing his goal as fast as possible to leave and continue his plot against the Queen of the Eulalia family.

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    While Reyn searched for his information, he encountered a group known as the Rising Sun. They had someone held captive for apparently trying to rob the King. Reyn would typically step away from this kind of business, but stuck around to see if any information from this King could be useful.

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    • Amidst judgement, the King said there would be a fee placed on the captive's head. Reyn had pondered this suggestion as he did not know the Hales so well. Someone to help him get his information and get back as quickly as possible would be a great benefit to him.