God Really Does Have a Sense of Humor

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Does God have a sense of humour? Bigger Questions. Sun Apr 8th, A hilarious exploration of some big questions of God, comedy, and the meaning of life. Art and culture, Lifestyle and well-being. Bible reference s : Psalm Bigger questions asked in the conversation Experience as believer and comedian Howard - a stand up comic and Anglican priest. Tell us how that happened? Howard, your mission is to make both God and people laugh.

Trained with a comedy coach from the Humourversity. What does training at a humourversity mean? Ok, we are here today at a forum about comedy and jokes. Have you had any jokes that have gone wrong? Been misinterpreted? Or is it a sin to laugh? How well do you know comedy movies?

What is the source of the laughter? Is there a difference to laugh because of joy or because of a joke? Is humour escapist? A distraction, like alcohol to dull the pain? Comments Sylvesterscheller. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. More information about text formats. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Recent resources. Our library. Is God just a cosmic kill-joy? Nick Coombs 3 Nov Do I need God if I have all this stuff? Luke Nelson 27 Oct One of my goals this summer is to respond to as many of your comments as possible.

Forgive me for being rather hit-and-miss at that. Or Thursdays. Thanks for your patience as I seek new ways to encourage you! Your grateful sister, Liz, LizCurtisHiggs. He is too funny. I also asked Him if He was sarcastic. Cuz I was feeling like there might have been a little sarcasm in Job.

Otherwise, we would be forever mournful over our failures. Just as He forgives us, we learn to forgive ourselves as we laugh about our insufficiencies. I just know that when I am laughing at the always comical chaos that swirls around me, He is standing right there, laughing right along with me and holding my hand. He helps me see and appreciate his awesome plans in everything that happens! Love the reminder that the Lord rejoices over me. I can be down on myself at times. His humor does lift my spirit and see things in a better light!! And what pleases God most is being in relationship with us.

What a sense of humor He has. This year I decided to plant just 3 tomato plants and the rest flowers in my raised garden beds. Instead, I have 3 flowers, 7 tomato plants, 8 squash, and several pepper plants. I guess He wants me to continue to share veggies with my neighbors, maybe even the nasty one that put up that offensive fence. I can remember pointing up to the sky and laughing, You did it again, I love you so much God, thanks for the joy of laughing with you. Thanks Liz for such an uplifting topic.

He surely does have a sense of humor. I just love Him. He knows perfectly well what we need and when we need it.

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I have always jokinly said that God HAS to have a sense of humor, because he made us! That is my husband to a capital H! Hubby will find a way to make me laugh, and poof, my mood changes. I am so blessed. Thank you for this post. Yes — I have said for years that God has a sense of humor. Thank you for agreeing with me!

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Thank you Liz for all your writings. I replied that we are made in His image so He must have one. Thanks Liz. Great post, Liz!

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He was a homeless looking man. He was holding a stack of them.


Did Jesus Have a Sense of Humor?

His eyes lit up with joy while we talked to him and our hearts and eyes were lighting up with love and joy. He said this is his mission to travel and share the Good News.

I have a big smile on my face and in my heart today, because he reminded us not to live in the world or love the world, but to live for the Kingdom of God. LOVE this…. Thanks for another great post as always.

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See you soon! Love, Elizabeth. First learned of His humor as a young Christian. A bunch of us girls from a summer Navs group were working together detassling corn. Just about 3 we had a short shower — just enough to get wet. We all laughed at His answer to our moaning and groaning. My husband and I had been married a year when he lost his job due to layoffs.

Then he got a call from someone telling him about an opening at a nearby Sprint data center. He applied, interviewed, and then nothing happened. I suggested next time he should be a little more specific, and we laughed for a long time.

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