Histórias Secretas de Reis Portugueses (Portuguese Edition)

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Maria died in Rio de Janeiro, aged Picture: Wikipedia. His religious observances bored her, and they were quite incompatible. Nevertheless, she gave birth to nine children and, because they were all handsome, it was rumoured that especially the younger ones had a different father. After the birth of the ninth child the couple began to live separate lives. It was rumoured that Joaquina had bought a retreat where she indulged in sexual orgies.

She had a bad reputation : infidel, manipulative and nymphomaniac. Carlota was religious, faced men and also transgressed the social norms of the time, which caused her to have many conflicts, also with the Portuguese authorities. Carlota Joaquina fought until the last minute not to leave for Brazil, asked for help from her parents, but diplomatic agreements made it difficult for Spanish kings to participate in Portuguese affairs. Caipirinha is the national drink in Brasil and also very popular in Portugal.

Supposedly, she drank incredible quantities of the liquor, and the palace had to order dozens of bottles for her each month.

As the Napoleon wars ended , Carlota returned with the king and the family to Portugal in She died at the Queluz Palace in at the age of It is speculated whether she died because of natural causes or whether she, in fact, killed herself. Since it has been open to the public as a museum. Share on Facebook. We ordered:. Read more…. Phone Also open for lunch on Sundays. A coffee , cocktail bar and restaurant, and an exceptional location. Amazing views overlooking the Alfama rooftops and the river Tagus!

Live music with a DJ on Fridays and Saturdays. Open daily from 10am to 12pm. Fridays, Saturdays and nights before a public holiday until 2am. Website Portas do Sol. One of the most beautiful places in Lisbon! The Belvedere Portas do Sol is a balcony space that all people of Lisbon are proud to have at their disposal.

Manual Histórias Secretas de Reis Portugueses (Portuguese Edition)

Magnificent view of Lisbon and the typical Alfama district that spans several narrow, winding streets to the river Tagus. There is also a statue of Saint Vincent holding a boat with two ravens, the symbols of Lisbon. In this wonderful 17th C. Anyone interested in decorative arts in general and the Portuguese Empire in particular will find this collection fascinating.

Beautiful azulejos tiles! The popular tram 28 video stops near the Museum and the viewpoints. This legendary tram 28 is a tourist attraction in itself. It goes all around town. Of course you can hop on and hop off.

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Various small gardens along the edge of the walkway are filled with beautiful local flowers during the spring and summer months. Azulejos tiles have become a typical aspect of Portuguese culture. This place is a wonderful tile treasure! Looking for a short time rental apartment in Lisbon? Please check the calendar of my. Authentic 3-bedroom apartment with lovely patio in the historical part of Lisbon.

Formerly a place of prostitution and drugs, nowadays very popular. Square Largo do Intendente , located in the historical area Mouraria, was for several years a place to avoid. Set on a corner building at the opening of the square Intendente, it brings an ambience typical of a French bistro.

But its owner Marie Odile Coudert, a French native, says it has influences from all over. Being well travelled , she has also lived in the Netherlands for nearly 10 years. March Wonderful historical buildings! A place where you could eat simple food, hamburgers, steaks, chef quality, service orientated but at a normal price. We moved to this area nearly 4 years ago and fell in love with it, there have been many changes.

YouTube movie about area Intendente — Mouraria, historical area of Lisbon. Square Largo do Intendente More: Time Out. Activities like concerts, exhibitions, ateliers, artistic residences, recitals and soirees.

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Casa Independente , Largo Intendente Short- time rentals, 5 minutes walk from starting point tram 28 in Mouraria: my 3-bedroom authentic apartment with lovely patio, m2. A few days in Lisbon? Returnticket: cheap. Picture: Martijn Kramers.

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After passing some abandoned and ruinous very old warehouses wonderful old buildings! Brasilian restaurant and a perfect romantic location for a great dinner overlooking Lisbon by night. Close: elevator to reach the Cristo Rei Statue. This enormous monument is built in in thanks to God for having spared Portugal during World War II, inspired by the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro. View from Cristo Rei Movie. A part of he terrace is covered with a canopy made of I guess willow branches, creating a lovely filtered sunlight. Pizza is not one of my favorite dishes, but my friends loved the great quality.

ZeroZero offers 15 pizza choices and besides there are lots of vegetarian options. If you eat inside you can see pizzas being made. All the ingredients come from the best Italian producers, especially the Venice region. The restaurant is open daily between — 00h00 , also on Sundays. Pedro Aires Oliveira writes:. In the same essay Aires Oliveira goes as far as to posit the war as a solution for the terrible state of relations between the government and the army.


What the republican leadership did not understand, however, was that military intervention, given its own weakness, would leave it at the mercy of that same army that it increasingly viewed as a rival. With the fall of Pimenta de Castro, the way was open for military intervention in the conflict, but only when this intervention was requested by Great Britain. This important condition would delay the process until March It was no surprise when belligerence did come; it was quickly followed by the dispatch of a large military contingent to Mozambique.

There was an obvious problem, however. The Portuguese army was small and antiquated. Its training only began in at Tancos. A Portuguese force, no matter how large, would only ever constitute a tiny percentage of the Allied armies on the Western Front. Officers thus viewed their presence on the front lines as a sacrifice — one in they were not willing to offer.

So while they went along, for the most part, with the preparations for active duty at Tancos, their actual commitment to the Western Front was a different matter. Recalcitrant officers were aided by the reluctance of the Allies, notably the British, to accept a substantial Portuguese force on the Western Front. However, it failed and led to widespread arrests. Claiming that their refusal was born of solidarity with their imprisoned comrades, they were detained and forced to embark.

To the puzzlement of the British, their prison term was served while en route to France, after which they were returned to their posts. The CEP, despite much speculation on the issue, left for France. Officers resigned themselves to their fate — although many of the eyewitness accounts of their demeanour at the front are far from positive and reveal the scale of the gulf that increasingly separated them from their political masters. The former resented the level of control exercised by the British army over the CEP.

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It was because of this campaign, he argued, that British officers were highly praiseworthy of Portuguese soldiers, but not their officers. Rightly or wrongly, officers concluded that the Republic did not like them, had sent them to France to die, and was using the war to replace them with more loyal officers. To add insult to injury, it denied them a star role in the coverage of the fighting.

This question would rumble on in the future. It was not just the war in France that affected civil-military relations in Portugal. The East Africa campaign was equally a source of tension. The sentiment here too was that the army was being bled dry for political gain. Unprepared and under-equipped troops had been sent in great haste to a difficult theatre of operations and were forced to engage a battle-hardened enemy before they had acclimatized, or even, in the case of some units, learned the most rudimentary aspects of warfare.

The result was the disaster at Newala in and enormous loss of life. All of the accumulated tension burst forth during the secret sessions of parliament, held in July Charges were made regarding the performance of politically appointed officers, loyal to the regime but incompetent, the lack of care taken with the provision of medical supplies, political protection at the front, which resulted in inequality of sacrifice in accordance with political views, and the preference in all things shown to the CEP over the African expeditions.

Yet within parliament his performance during that expedition was being questioned on the basis of sworn affidavits that suggested he was either responsible for, or complicit with, atrocities of the worst kind against the local population. All they could do was question the patriotism of the opposition deputies who were raising such damaging issues and appeal for unity in a time of crisis.

This appeal fell on deaf ears. One opposition deputy, Alberto de Moura Pinto , put the matter bluntly:.