La Révélation : Le Secret De LEsprit Est Révélé (French Edition)

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Christian Millenarism. From the Early Church to Wacco. XXII: 2 Octobre p. Le messianisme de Louis Riel.

Le retour du lys. Lorsque Jean voulut discuter avec eux il se fit copieusement rosser, nous disent ses biographes. Ils sont presque tous des variantes de Saint Pierre. Hennebert et de F. Taylor notre note 3. Elle diffuse ses bondieuseries en quatre langues[…]. Merci de nous soutenir en faisant un don aujourd'hui. Jean-Marie Tremblay, fondateur des Classiques des sciences sociales.

Derniers ajouts. Nous joindre. It's very difficult to get answers to freedom of information requests. The prime minister tried to shut down parliament for five weeks so that we couldn't ask any questions and he had to be taken to the supreme court, who agreed by 11 votes to nil that what he was trying to do was unlawful. One of the remaining ways that we can find out what's going on in the United Kingdom is through whistle-blowers and ministers and civil servants who are unhappy about the way that this — our government — is moving.

They have done that. Recently, for example, there was a revelation that the current prime minister, when he was mayor of London, overruled officials to allow his then-girlfriend to go on a trade mission which he had been told she couldn't go on.

I mean, this is just astonishing. And that's just one of many examples that is coming out through whistle-blowing. We even had the former chancellor of the exchequer, Philip Hammond, revealing that Crispin Odey, a hedge fund billionaire, hedge fund backer of the conservative was backing against the United Kingdom — some of our institutions — on the basis that we would leave the European Union without a deal.

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And he's pushing the government in that direction. He's said to make hundreds of millions of pounds as a result of this and we only know that through Philip Hammond and others. Of course, most of our newspapers don't tell us what's happening because their owners are based in tax havens. Whether they're the Barclay brothers, all of them are based in tax havens. And, of course, the European Union, on the first of January, is bringing in regulations against tax havens.

That's why they want us out. They want us out so that we don't don't find out. We'll need a lot more whistle-blowers to find that out. But over the last few months things have deteriorated. In Boris Johnson we've got our own Donald Trump. It's not a good thing for our country.


The more we have whistle-blowers, whether they be civil servants, ministers or anyone else to tell us what's going on behind the scenes, the better our country will be. Cependant, il brosse un tableau quelque peu optimiste de la situation au Royaume-Uni. Et il pousse le gouvernement dans cette direction. On dit qu'il gagne des centaines de millions de livres en faisant cela et nous ne le savons que par Philip Hammond et d'autres. C'est pour cela qu'ils nous veulent dehors. Nous aurons besoin de beaucoup plus de lanceurs d'alerte pour le savoir. Je crains donc que, sans lui manquer de respect, M.

Avec Boris Johnson, nous avons notre Donald Trump. Ce n'est pas une bonne chose pour notre pays. Plus nous aurons de lanceurs d'alerte, qu'il s'agisse de fonctionnaires, de ministres ou de quiconque, pour nous dire ce qui se passe en coulisses, meilleur sera notre pays. Every whistle-blower, whether an individual, a group or an institution, plays a crucial role in our modern democracies: through selfless disclosure of information relating to collective danger or a serious crime, they most often trigger a process of regulation, controversy and citizen mobilization beneficial to the general interest.

From William Mark Felt, aka "Deep Throat" in the Watergate affair, to Erin Brockovich, who acted to uncover the chromium scandal in the drinking water of Hinkley, California, or more recently, Irene Frachon, the doctor who disclosed the Mediator revelations to Edward Snowden, who denounced the generalized surveillance system of US intelligence agencies. Who can ignore these figures who have defended our rights by reporting abuses or scandals of all kinds?

Make no mistake: while they are acting for the common good, these whistle-blowers take real personal risks in the name of the causes they defend. They most often jeopardize their professional and financial situation, the tranquility of their private life and their family, and even their personal security and their image. The Council of Europe has, for several years now, taken up the cause of these public opinion advocates. Our Assembly voted on several important resolutions on this issue, the Committee of Ministers adopted a specific recommendation in and the European Court of Human Rights has developed a demanding jurisprudence.

e-book La Révélation : Le Secret De LEsprit Est Révélé (French Edition)

As pointed out by the rapporteur, whose high quality work I welcome, the recent Directive on the protection of persons reporting on breaches of the European Union law, which was adopted on April 19th, was largely inspired by the work of the Council of Europe on whistle-blowers. I welcome this as a further illustration of the contributions of our Organization to the European Union on all matters relating to Human Rights, the rule of law and democracy.

Quite logically, the Legal Affairs Committee invites Council of Europe member states to follow the European Directive, while retaining a wider scope. This incentive should not raise any particular problem for the Member States of the Union, some of which - like France - have already implemented legislation which is quite close to the Directive. In any case, it will be more ambitious in the case of non-EU states. Like the rapporteur, I believe that the prospect of a Council of Europe convention on the subject, based inter alia on the recommendation of the Committee of Ministers of , but also on the proposals of our Assembly, would be a strong signal as the Organization celebrates its 70th anniversary.

This idea, like the text in debate, garners my full support. I will, therefore, of course, vote without hesitation for. We welcome the increased focus on whistle-blowers and their protection; they play an important role in defending human rights and raising awareness of issues of public interest. While we agree that whistle-blowers who act in good faith should be protected, we must also pay attention to those who take risks in order to defend rights of national minorities.

We have witnessed violations of minority rights in some of Hungary's neighbouring countries, and those who raise awareness and try to address these issues should also be protected. Harassment and violations of human rights of those who try to raise awareness of minority-related problems in our immediate neighbourhood are more and more common. This incident should be measured equally since they all aim to raise public awareness on issues that concern the whole society. National minority issues and rights belong to this category. Society can only flourish and function properly if national minorities are an integral part of it and minority rights are protected and respected by all and those who raise awareness of these problems are not persecuted by the authorities.

Whistle-blowers and minority-right defenders should enjoy the same level of protection. Let me start by thanking our rapporteur for a solid report. I fully agree that the effectiveness in the protection of whistle-blowers against any kind of retaliation, or lack of such protection, ought to be valued as a genuine democracy indicator. As in most other countries, Norway has far too many examples of whistle-blowers subjected to different forms of retaliation, with major consequences for each and every one of them.

Some labour unions have even warned their members against whistle-blowing because the unions see themselves as unable to protect their own members from retaliation. On several occasions, the public sector has even proven to be worse than the private sector. In several municipalities employees have been deprived of their constitutional freedom of speech. On the positive side, the protection of whistle-blowers has been part of the parliamentary agenda in Norway for the last 15 years, and legislation is gradually improved.

Manual La Révélation : Le Secret De LEsprit Est Révélé (French Edition)

Actually, many of the improvements have been implemented based on resolutions and recommendations from this Parliamentary Assembly, brought into our parliament by the Norwegian delegation to the Council of Europe. We passed the latest improvements in parliament last spring. They will be put into force in January I guess that is the reason why they are not mentioned in the explanatory memorandum. Every time whistle-blowing is on our agenda, we receive heart-breaking stories from whistle-blowers who have been subjected to various forms of retaliation.

Research has detected different forms of retaliation, such as disciplinary penalties, deprivation of work duties, exclusion from socialising at the workplace, bullying, charges or dismissals. Too many whistle-blowers have seen their careers ruined, many have suffered from illness and have seen no other opportunity than to quit work. At the same time, figures indicate that the proportion who have experienced retaliation has increased in recent years.

Obviously, further improvement is needed in all member countries. An EU Directive is good, but not enough. Whistle-blowers are heroes of democracy and really deserve the protection of a Council of Europe convention. Ces changements entreront en vigueur en janvier I too would like to congratulate Mr Mr Sylvain WASERMAN for an excellent report which has touched upon one of the key issues of the whistle-blowers and has underlined the mechanisms that help to protect them: the legal mechanisms.

Indeed, strengthening this legal mechanism is paramount, however work should be done on the societal aspect of perceiving the whistle-blowers as heroes.

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This is something that we should bear in mind for the future and I will address this issue in my speech further. The secrecy and anonymity, due procedure, security guarantees, perhaps a shelter, are the pillars for having the normal system of whistle-blowers. In my home country, after the Velvet Revolution we uprooted systematic corruption. At the same time, corruption on a lower level should be tackled by the whistle-blowers.

We have passed an appropriate law on this and a separate mechanism is set, as well as a platform where the citizens can kind of tell their stories anonymously. At the same time, even with the improvement of the legislation, the whistle-blowers, due to these societal and historical norms, are not often seen as heroes of democracy or champions of open democracies.

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