Marketing Mars - Financing a Mission to the Red Planet

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Here are some of the strange objects they spotted on the Red Planet.

Within a few months of the Opportunity rover landing on Mars, its lenses captured a rather deceptive, odd-looking patch of rocks close to where it landed. While the scientists could not figure out exactly what could have led to the odd shapes, they assumed it to be one of the earliest evidence of Mars having a watery past. In , the Opportunity rover spotted a meteorite with dimensions like that of a basketball, making it the first ever meteorite discovered on a planet apart from Earth.

The rover examined the space rock and concluded that it comprises mostly of iron and nickel. Thought the Opportunity rover could never prove the existence of life on Mars, it did once send back a photo that set many hearts racing. It found a mysterious object that resembled a long-eared bunny rabbit. It even seemed as though the ears moved a bit as the weak Martian wind blew. However, NASA engineers ruled out all chances of it being a living creature and said it possibly is a soft material like cotton that could have just come from the vehicle.

The next strange discovery had to do with food, and this time it was doughnuts. Mysterious objects that look similar to powdery, jelly-filled doughnuts, just appeared before the Opportunity rover's panoramic camera in In the previous images of the spot, no such objects could be seen.

China preparing for Mars mission | The Star Online

In , the Spirit rover sent back a photo of what looked like a human seated atop a boulder. No surprise, the photo led to immense buzz, which all died down when NASA once again ruled it out as evidence of life on Mars. Not necessarily of biological origin, it could be from geological sources. You see, we may one day get to the Red Planet and sow the seeds of life there, which would be game-changing for both Mars and humanity. In , the race for a successful mission to Mars is officially on with different organizations and countries each having their own Mars agenda.

Not only does SpaceX promise to get humans to Mars , it also has a project with an aggressive and tight timeline. SpaceX plans to launch the first cargo mission to Mars in Then, if everything goes off without a hitch, it would follow up with a crewed mission in The startup has been working hard for several years to develop hardware that is efficient, safe, and economical.

In the following five years, the Falcon 9 has made many journeys to space. Among these, the carrying of the Dragon capsule and different payload cargos to and from the ISS have given the startup a strong name in the astronomical field.

Red Planet Rovers and Insights (live public talk)

With three nine-engine cores, Falcon Heavy is the most powerful operational rocket in the world today. On their journey through space, they may get well beyond Mars and keep orbiting the Sun until possibly coming back to crash on Earth in millions of years. But for his plan for a mission to Mars, Musk is betting on another transportation system, the Starship. Hours after the successful test launch of the Falcon Heavy, Musk revealed in a press conference that SpaceX engineering efforts would next focus mostly on the BFR.

NASA “2030s”: Against all Budgetary Odds

Musk said that the aim now is to run the first full-scale test of BFR within three to four years. In short, however, Elon Musk plans to launch cargo missions to the Red Planet which will establish a functional space station by In , after years of development, NASA abandoned the Constellation project that was supposed to get American astronauts back onto the moon.

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The reasons given were that it was deemed too expensive and that they wanted to focus on the space shuttle instead. Then, in , the agency gave up on the space shuttle program and began relying on Russian launch vehicles to carry its astronauts and cargos to the ISS.

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The agency still states its aim of sending human explorers to Mars in the s. Earth Reliant until the mids : This phase will be about accumulating knowledge about prolonged stays and continuing space research in the ISS, which will shut down in Proving Ground : The next stage will see the moon serve as a testing ground with frequent trips to cislunar space for crews and hardware. Beyond the transportation means of the SLS rocket and Orion , whose first flight has been rescheduled to late , NASA has also been thinking about ways to provide enough energy to meet the needs of future spacefarers.

All of these contenders certainly have the chance to be the first to put humans on Mars. Let Zayan Guedim know how much you appreciate this article by clicking the heart icon and by sharing this article on social media. Trilingual poet, investigative journalist, and novelist. Zed loves tackling the big existential questions and all-things quantum.

Where SpaceX is today with its Mars plans

Their Long March 5 could make the journey. It is said that China is focused on the Moon, but would love to leap frog over the US to become the first country to send humans to step on another planet. The Chinese have started development of a super-heavy launcher, the CZ-9 aka Long March 9 which will be roughly equivalent to the Saturn V, which will enable Mars missions, although even then, likely requiring multiple launches and in-orbit docking or assembly. CZ-9 is expected to fly in the late s, with a Moon landing sometime around Presumably, Mars could follow in the late s. They have no hardware, no contracts to build crewed flight hardware, no real plans, and nowhere close to enough money to even start.

1 Surprising Way Starship Could Put SpaceX On Mars

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