Perché siamo infelici? (Italian Edition)

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Alfredo esce mentre gli altri ospiti ritornano nel salotto accaldati dalle danze.


Partono dalla destra. In core scolpiti ho quegli accenti! Saria per me sventura un serio amore? Che risolvi, o turbata anima mia? Null'uomo ancora t'accendeva - O gioia ch'io non conobbi, esser amata amando! E sdegnarla poss'io per l'aride follie del viver mio? Ah, perhaps he is the one whom my soul, lonely in the tumult, loved to imagine in secrecy! Watchful though I never knew it, he came here while I lay sick, awakening a new fever, the fever of love, of love which is the very breath of the universe itself - Mysterious and noble, both cross and ecstasy of the heart.

All is folly! This is mad delirium! A poor woman, alone, lost in this crowded desert which is known to men as Paris. What can I hope for? What should I do? Revel in the whirlpool of earthly pleasures. Revel in joy! Forever free, I must pass madly from joy to joy.

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My life's course shall be forever in the paths of pleasure. Whether it be dawn or dusk, I must always live. Gaily in the world's gay places, ever seeking newer joys. Lui che modesto e vigile all'egre soglie ascese, e nuova febbre accese, destandomi all'amor.

Povera donna, sola, abbandonata in questo popoloso deserto che appellano Parigi. Che far degg'io?

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Gioir, gioir! Sempre libera degg'io folleggiare di gioia in gioia, vo' che scorra il viver mio pei sentieri del piacer. Nasca il giorno, o il giorno muoia, sempre lieta ne' ritrovi, a diletti sempre nuovi dee volare il mio pensier. Ah yes! From joy to joy, forever free, I must pass madly from joy to joy. Gaily in the world's gay places, ever seeking newer joys, etc.

My thoughts have to seek new joys. My thoughts. Nasca il giorno, o il giorno muoia, sempre lieta ne' ritrovi, a diletti sempre nuovi, dee volare il mio pensier. Dee volar il mio pensier.

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Il mio pensier. A drawing room on the ground floor. On either side of the fireplace, French doors open on a garden. On the floor above, two other doors, facing each other. Chairs, tables, books, writing materials. Alfredo enters in hunting clothes. Three months have passed since Violetta gave up for me a life of ease, luxury, love affairs and the pomp of society, where, surrounded by adoration, she enslaved all with her beauty.

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Now, happy in this quiet country home, she has forgotten everything for me. And here, near her, I feel like a man reborn; invigorated by the pulse of love, I have forgotten the past in the joy of being with her. The violent fire of my youthful spirits was tempered by the quiet smile of her love! Ever since the day when she said: "I want to live only for you" I seem to live in heaven, unmindful of the world. Annina enters, dressed for travelling. Salotto al piano terreno. Al primo piano altre due porte, una di fronte all'altra.

Sedie, tavolini, qualche libro, l'occorrente per iscrivere. Alfredo entra in costume da caccia. Ed or contenta in questi ameni luoghi tutto scorda per me. Qui presso a lei io rinascer mi sento.

E dal soffio d'amor rigenerato scordo ne' gaudi suoi tutto il passato. Annina entra vestita da viaggio. Tell me, how much is needed?

Or v'abbisogna? Madam must know nothing of our talk. I can still take care of everything. He leaves. Soon Violetta enters with various papers in her hand. She speaks with Annina. He asked me to tell you. In a few minutes a man is coming on business. Show him in immediately. Questo colloquio non sappia la signora.

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Il tutto valgo a riparare ancora. Entra subito Violetta con varie carte. Parla con Annina. Violetta, reading the letter Aha! Flora has found my hideaway! She has invited me to a dance this evening! She'll wait for me in vain. She gestures for Annina to admit him. Giorgio Germont enters. Now please excuse me, more for your sake than for mine. She is on the point of going out. Violetta apre la lettera.

Ah, ah! Scopriva Flora il mio ritiro. E m'invita a danzar per questa sera! Accenna ad Annina di introdurlo.