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I do not mean more simple repetition of religious language on our knees, but more insistent claiming, that the power of the Lord Jesus Christ shall apply here, and there, over the earth. That will be one regret, if there be regrets: that we did not ask enough, and did not ask big enough. We will say to ourselves, "What beggarly askers we were down on the earth! We did not step out, when we could not see where to put the foot down, when He said, "Step out. The Father is the object of our prayer, through the mediation of our Lord Jesus and by the aid of the Holy Spirit; but however we conceive of it-whether the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit is the prominent object before our thought-we must believe that there is an eye that witnesses our poor endeavors, an ear that listens, a mind that can be impressed and affected by our requests.

When we pray, it is not enough merely to speak a long list of requests into the ear of God; it becomes us to wait after each one and to receive by an appropriating act of the soul. It is as though we saw God take from the shelves of His storehouse the boon on which we had set our heart, label it with our name, and put it aside until the precise moment arrived in which He could bestow it on us without hurt.

For thus they can have the power of God on their side—the almighty power of God. And by making use of this power, through the instruments of prayer in all things we need, we can have the infinite wisdom of God brought to work for us, and have God Himself at our side, as children of God.

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Therefore we should seek to make a far better use than ever we have clone of prayer. And you, my beloved Christian friends, who are in the habit of meeting often at the noonday prayer meeting, expect great things at the hands of God; look out for wondrous blessings, and you will find how ready He is to give those things which we ask for. Obedience is the only path that leads to the glory of God. The baptism of the Spirit xiv. Let us take home the lessons.

Now we know the great reason why we have not had power in faith to pray prevailingly. And with shame we acknowledge how little our lives have yet borne this stamp.

Moreover, the Bible teems with promises which are backed up with testimonies of God's faithfulness in answer to the earnest pleadings of His people. Therefore it is possible, by these, and by the help we may derive from the following examples, to prove the omnipotence of prayer in a manner we have never yet dreamed, and should cause us thereby to let go all our doubts with regard to its reality and power.

Oh that this land would repent, and lay burdens of praises upon the top of the fair Mount Zion! Madam, except this land be humbled, a Reformation is rather my wonder than belief, at this time. But surely it must be a wonder, and what is done already is a wonder.

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He cannot really feel his sins. He cannot love God. He cannot feel himself a debtor to Christ. He cannot long after holiness.

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He cannot desire heaven. He has yet to be born again. He has yet to be made a new creature. He may boast confidently of election, grace, faith, hope, and knowledge, and deceive ignorant people. But you may rest assured it is all vain talk if he does not pray….


And I say, furthermore, that of all the evidences of the real work of the Spirit, a habit of hearty private prayer is one of the most satisfactory that can be named. A man may preach from false motives. A man may write books and make fine speeches and seem diligent in good works, and yet be a Judas Iscariot. But a man seldom goes into his closet, and pours out his soul before God in secret, unless he is in earnest.

The Lord himself has set his stamp on prayer as the best proof of a true conversion. When he sent Ananias to Saul in Damascus, he gave him no other evidence of his change of heart than this, "Behold, he prayeth" Acts 9: This is the prayer that surmounts the great obstacles of life, the closed doors of circumstances, the brazen gates and adamantine mountains of hindrance and opposition, and which, in the name of our ascended Lord and in the fellowship of His mediatorial rights and powers, presses through every obstacle and treads down every adversary.

It is not so much the prayer that knocks at the gates of heaven and extorts an answer from an unwilling God, as the prayer which, having received the answer and promise, carries it forth against the gates of the enemy and beats them down, as the walls of Jericho fell before the tramp and shout of Israel's believing hosts. It is the prayer which takes its place at the side of our ascended Lord and claims what He has promised to give, and even commands, in His mighty name, that which He has already commanded through His royal Priesthood and all-prevailing intercession.

It is faith putting its hand on the omnipotence of God and using it in fellowship with our Omnipotent Head until it sees His name prevail against all that opposes His will, the crooked thing s made straight, the gates of brass opened, and the fetters of iron broken asunder.

How we could plead the promises! Souls are perishing now for lack of this power. God is blessing now some who are seeking this blessing from Him in faith. All things are ready if we are ready. For how few there are among us who know what prevailing prayer really is! Could it be that the vision was a hallucination created out of my wishful thinking?

These were some of the questions presented to my mind. My searching of the Scriptures was rewarded by finding revealed truth to assure my heart before Him. I needed no other promise to support my faith, and substantiate my sincere claim. Acts It is the fact of a living Christ that establishes the foundation of our faith for eternal life: because He lives, we shall live also. How could one know that Christ lived if He never revealed Himself at any time after His death? The fact of a living Savior makes the new birth a reality to an immortal soul.

It is a living Christ that makes the experience of entire sanctification a vital reality in life. We know that the Savior manifests Himself to a penitent soul seeking for pardon. We do not doubt the fact that Christ reveals Himself to the believer seeking to be sanctified. In view of these fundamental facts, shall we say it is incredible to think that the Savior would manifest Himself to an humble seeker in prayer? Shall we take the unwarranted position that the only time the Savior manifests Himself is in the two epochs of grace known as pardon and purity? If the only time that men have seen God is in the dateless past, then we, in this age of the gospel are deceived in our hearts; and there is no truth to support our faith in a risen Savior.

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If God has clothed Himself in perpetual silence, and wills to remain invisible to mortal man in this dreary world, then our faith is vain, and our hope of life is a delusion. I am not presenting these truths from the Word of God to defend my claim to have seen the Savior while praying in the early morning. I was not seeking such an experience: I was praying and worshipping when suddenly He manifested Himself to me.

It is utterly meaningless, and stands as a vain and pretentious claim of the Savior. This is the cold logic to which one is driven, if the Savior is not manifestly Present with us in all time, and throughout all eternity. If our minds fail to grasp the import of this revealed truth; and if our faith is too feeble to appropriate the promises, it may be because we have substituted ritualism for reality, and have emphasized the figurative rather than the factual in religion.

There is a faith which obtains the substance of the things hoped for, and brings to the soul the evidence of things not seen. It is deplorable to see how far the church has drifted into rationalism.


She has apparently lost sight of Divine revelation as a basic fact of saving faith. Many of the devout people in the church are obviously lacking in spiritual discernment; some refer to these realities as mysticism. To the world the promised manifestation of the Savior is unknown. He was in the world, and the world knew Him not. In the estimation of the world, we are crazy to profess to have received a manifestation of the Savior.

The unbelievers in the church voice the same disbelief that characterizes this rationalistic generation.

It is recorded that the place was shaken where they were assembled together in prayer, and the believers were filled with the Spirit. This was a filling subsequent to the fullness of the Spirit received on the day of Pentecost.

Cultivating the Spirit of Prayer ep1 - PASTOR CHRIS

Unless the preachers and people in the Holiness movement take time to pray, and give less time to programs and plans, the movement will soon be in woeful want of spiritual power to withstand the evils of the modern age. The Almighty God revealed in His beloved Son is our refuge and strength. We must prevail in prayer in these last days or utterly perish. Our hope and our help cometh from God, Who has promised to answer the agonizing prayers of His people.