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Alvin turns on Hiccup to kill him using the newly-acquired Stormblade, the sword of Grimbeard the Ghastly. In the sword-fight that follows, Hiccup discovers that he is actually left-handed and hence why he was never good at sword-fighting. In the fight, Alvin steps on a pile of treasure under which is hidden a Monstrous Strangulator, an octopus-like creature that was placed there by Grimbeard to guard his treasure. It consumes Alvin, and as it comes next for Hiccup, Hiccup tricks the creature into injecting itself with its own poison.

The creature's nervous system is destroyed and they escape, but Hiccup decides that the world is not ready for the treasure, and leaves it behind. They soon surface with the aid of Toothless, and the book ends with Hiccup, Toothless and Fishlegs all getting back to the village and finding that the Hooligans had survived and won the battle with the Outcasts but had set them free.

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In the epilogue, Hiccup tells us that in a secret compartment in the handle of the sword that he used to fight Alvin, he found the last will and testament of Grimbeard the Ghastly. It turns out that the sword was Grimbeard's favourite sword. This book is the fourth in the series. During a hunting-with-bows-and-arrows-on-skis expedition, Hiccup finds Fishlegs acting strangely when they spot a group of Hysterics, a tribe of scary lunatic Vikings, who chase Fishlegs.

Hiccup shoots an arrow at the chief Hysteric known as Norbert the Nutjob. Hiccup and Fishlegs flee on their skis, with the Hysterics behind in hot pursuit.

Hiccup falls off the side of a cliff. At first One-eye, the Saber-Toothed Driver dragon which had pulled Hiccup and Fishlegs to the top of the mountain, refuses to rescue Hiccup; but when Hiccup points out that if he does not save him, Snotface Snotlout who had previously treated One-eye very badly will become Chief of the Tribe, One-eye saves Hiccup after all, and he and Fishlegs return to the village.

Hiccup is worried about Fishlegs and takes him to see Old Wrinkly. Old Wrinkly examines Fishlegs and tells Hiccup that Fishlegs is suffering from Vorpentitis, a disease caused by the sting of a Venomous Vorpent, and the only cure to this disease is a vegetable called a potato, which can only be found in America. Hiccup does not believe him, because all Vikings, except the Hysterics, believe that the world is as flat as a pancake, and there is NO such place as America.

Old Wrinkly tells Hiccup that Norbert the Nutjob's father, Bigjob, had actually gone to America and made friends with the Americans, which he called "feather people", and brought back the potato to prove he was right about America being true. However, he was attacked by a Doomfang. Old Wrinkly predicts the potato might be in the Hysteric Territories, and tells him that he must bring it back before ten o'clock the next morning, or else Fishlegs will die.

Hiccup asks his father Chief Stoick the Vast if he can go to Hysteria in order to retrieve the potato to save Fishlegs's life, but Stoick forbids him. Hiccup lies to Stoick saying that he was spending the night at Snotlout's house, but instead he goes to get the potato. The two children enter through the roof of the great hall where the Hysterics are celebrating Freya's day Friday. They lower Camicazi through the chimney, but Hiccup accidentally falls into a giant pot of onion soup, and gets discovered by Norbert the Nutjob.

Hiccup makes Norbert show him the potato by pretending not to believe in the potato. Norbert finally reveals his father's preserved body, and in Norbert's father's hand is a glass case with the frozen potato which has an arrow stuck in it. Hiccup tries to persuade Norbert to give him the potato, but Norbert refuses.

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Norbert soon gets annoyed with Hiccup, and decides whether Hiccup should or should not die by throwing his double-sided axe into the air. If it lands on the black side, Hiccup will die, if it lands on the golden side, he will live. Hiccup cheats by catching the axe just as it is about to land on the black. Norbert is annoyed that Hiccup cheated, and locks him in the cage. After the Hysterics fall asleep, Camicazi picks the lock of Hiccup's cage; freeing him Toothless took the key to cage from Norbert's pocket, but swallows it, and accidentally sets fire to a carpet.

Camicazi lowers herself down with a rope and grabs the potato, but sees Norbert's ticking-thing in the glass case and takes that too. Suddenly, the preserved body of Norbert's father falls on a row of Squealers a type of dragon that Vikings use as an alarm , who give ear-piercing screams. All the Hysterics suddenly wake up.

Hiccup, Camicazi and Toothless get out of the Hall through the chimney. The three, along with One-eye, escape in Hiccup's boat, but get attacked by the Doomfang, which lives under a frozen sea called the "Wrath of Thor". The Doomfang breaks out of the ice and uses its tongue to grab the potato and eats it.

Hiccup realizes that his mission has failed and guesses that the Doomfang had Vorpentitis, as it showed the symptoms. Once he gets back, he realises that Fishlegs had only caught a cold, and Old Wrinkly had made a mistake. Stoick yells at Old Wrinky for making Hiccup go on the quest for nothing and almost getting killed by Norbert. Hiccup suddenly falls on the same bed Fishlegs was lying on, and his entire body goes stiff.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah

Old Wrinkly examines Hiccup and explains that it is actually Hiccup who has Vorpentitis. Hiccup desperately tries to speak, murmuring "Oot me! Fishlegs realizes that Hiccup wants him to shoot him with the arrow, which is soaked in the juices of the potato. Fishlegs shoots Hiccup on the foot, and Hiccup recovers. In the epilogue, Hiccup buries the arrow that saved his life and a seed on the end of it grows another potato which is used to cover the island with potatoes so no one dies of Vorpentitis ever again.

In the epilogue, Hiccup explains that the Doomfang that ate the potato thanked Hiccup by following his boat and assisting in keeping Hiccup safe in impossible situations. The fifth book in the series. The story begins with the children on a herding exercise for their Pirate Training Program.

They are distracted by a huge fire rolling down the mountainside. The fire is found to be the doing of the Exterminators, big evil fire dragons. While most of the kids escape on Gobber's riding dragon, Goliath, before he is killed by the Exterminators, Hiccup and Gobber are left to defend themselves. Hiccup and Gobber are saved by a mysterious man in a fireproof suit riding a white dragon, whom they at first believe to be a man from the treacherous Lava-Lout tribe.

The man soon reveals himself to be Humungously Hotshot, one of the greatest heroes on the planet. Although Hiccup's father, Stoick, begins to regard Hotshot with jealousy, he hires him as Hiccup's "bodyguard".

The Prophet & The Wanderer

After that, Hotshot saves Hiccup from several deadly situations, all of which are later revealed to be his own doing. Later on at night, Hiccup wakes up to Hotshot looming over him with his swords, arguing with himself whether or not to kill Hiccup. He ultimately decides not to, and Hiccup asks him what he's doing.

Hotshot begins to tell Hiccup his story, of how he fell in love with a Viking woman, but her father wanted her to marry someone clever. The woman's father sent Hotshot on an Impossible Task to find and bring back the Firestone, and the reward was the woman's hand in marriage. Hotshot traveled to the volcano where the Firestone was hidden, but he was captured soon after by the Lava Louts.

After a few weeks, he became friends with a jailkeeper named Terrific Al. He asked Terrific Al to bring a half of the ruby heart to his love because she vowed to save him if she received the ruby heart. Terrific Al told Humongous that he would bring the ruby heart to his ladylove if he promised to do something for him and disappeared for fifteen years and came back to tell Humongous Hotshot that his love threw the heart out of the window and married somebody else who had already brought back the Firestone.

Terrific Al who mysteriously has lost a hand, half a leg, an eye and all of his hair told Humongous the thing he must promise to do is to kill Hiccup, stating that Hiccup is a Prince of Darkness and a Devil Child, who will send terror across the Archipelago. After Hotshot finishes his story Hiccup figures out that the woman Humungous is talking about is Hiccup's own mother, who had thought he was dead, and that "Terrific Al" is really the terrible villain Alvin the Treacherous as Hiccup had guessed.

Hiccup, Fishlegs, Hotshot, Camicazi, the White Dragon and the Windwalker, Hiccup's riding dragon travel to Lava-Lout Island to put the fire stone inside the volcano to stop the volcano from exploding and are attacked by Alvin riding an Exterminator. Alvin reveals the first Sharkworm he met tore out his eye, but he killed it and hid inside. However, after he got out on shore the dead Sharkworm's mouth shut on his leg, but he carved a new one from its teeth. The volcano erupts and the Exterminators hatch. Hiccup manages to put the stone into the volcano. But on contact with the lava, the fire stone hatches into a fire dragon, revealing that the fire stone is actually an egg.

The dragon eats all the Exterminators, including the one Alvin is riding, swallowing Alvin again, Hiccup thinks he's dead and the dragon dives back into the lava. Hiccup and his riding dragon, Windwalker, run down the island away from lava and fall into the sea.

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Hiccup's father and others rescue him and everything works out well. In the epilogue, Hiccup tells us that Windwalker turns out to be his faithful flying dragon. The sixth book in the series is the only one not to have How to in its title. Hiccup is lost in the Library Labyrinth and the Driller Dragons and Madguts the Murderous are on the prowl, all because of a book! Hiccup's birthday is not going to be the quiet affair he might have hoped for.

Hiccup wakes up that morning, wishing for a peaceful birthday.

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He then tries to persuade Toothless to eat his breakfast, which is spinach and drift wood. When Hiccup returns home, he realizes Toothless has eaten three-quarters of Stoick's throne. Stoick comes in the room, and is in a bad temper because he had made a bet to Big-Boobied Bertha that he could prove that the Hooligans were just as good at Burglary as the Bog-Burglars by the end of the day, and also because Hiccup has been researching about dragons and writing in notebooks about them.

Stoick tells Hiccup that if Toothless does one more thing like this, he will banish him, and goes off to find the book. Camicazi suggests that they can go to the Meathead Library, and supposedly there might be another copy of the book, and get back home "in time for tea". With the help of Stormfly, Camicazi's dragon, they find the copy of "How to Train Your Dragon", though it is a second edition.