Seeking Saúl: An American Mothers Journey to Colombia

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Said aristocrat is still alive, because in this version of the future, the wealthy can't really die -- instead, their consciousness is essentially uploaded to the cloud and downloaded into new bodies. And over the course of 10 episodes, what looks like a complicated murder mystery detours as a complicated love story and a complicated look at social stratification. Though it takes a few episodes for Altered Carbon 's dense story to really take off, it's an ambitious ride that's well worth sticking around for. In fact, we can't wait to see more. Why do people love Ryan Murphy shows so much? Because they're infused with equal parts camp, drama, suspense, and humor -- even this ostensibly scary one.

Whether you're watching the Murder House , Freak Show , Hotel , Roanoke , or the election-inspired Cult installment, you're in for unforgettable characters, stomach-curdling gore, jaw-dropping plot twists, and brutal finales. American Vandal , about teen documentarians who investigate the innocence of a classmate accused of vandalism Jimmy Tatro , is much more than a four-hour dick joke.

After the first couple episodes, the phallic material fades into the background, allowing the show to satirize high school and today's criminal justice system in a meaningful way. To pull it off, the co-creators studied the techniques that made them so invested in such true-crime titans as Serial , Making a Murderer , and The Jinx. It's parody, homage, addictive teen drama all wrapped in one -- an underrated win for the streaming service.

Mara Brock Akil's rom-dram stars the ageless Gabrielle Union as a single something TV news anchor trying to juggle her intense professional ambitions with her needy family and a steamy sex life. With the re introduction of ice-cold supervillain Gus Fring , this slow show shows no signs of slowing down. Netflix's animated series goes all in on the depression, failure, and slovenly behavior of its titular star, who's always on the verge of a comeback that never actually happens, at least not the way BoJack thinks it will.

That's what many fans did throughout the show's five-season run, catching up on old episodes on Netflix to prepare for the must-see moments that occurred during its final stretch. You don't just watch this show; it consumes you. For the days when you want to hang out at the bar without changing out of pajamas.

With an explosion of food television comes elevated standards; Netflix's Chef's Table forages for those standards, brings them to the restaurant for dinner service, treats them with respect, turns them into a whimsical play on a dish remembered from childhood, and earns a couple Michelin stars and the admiration of its peers in the process. The point is that Chef's Table , from creator David Gelb Jiro Dreams of Sushi , is an exceptional food show that manages to make humans the centerpiece.

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Jerry Seinfeld has a shitload of expensive cars lying around, so he decided to film himself giving other funny people rides in them. It's pretty entertaining!

And after a run as Crackle's only viable original program, Seinfeld took his talents to the king of the streaming game for now. Modern audiences would be better served if the showrunners examined the macro geopolitical shifts that have characterized Elizabeth II's long reign -- for example, decolonization receives scant attention, but the Great Smog of London merits a multi-episode storyline. Many armchair critics tried to dismiss former YouTube sensation Rachel Bloom's CW series for what they presumed to be a sexist title -- a notion she bites back at from the opening credits on.

In fact, the series is quietly revolutionary, offering sharp yet subtle commentary about the way women treat each other and themselves, and casually featuring one of the most diverse casts on TV. It's a downward spiral, for sure, but psychosis has never been this entertaining.

Justin Simien's scorching send-up of post-racial America received the green light from Netflix for 10 minute episodes, with Logan Browning stepping in for Tessa Thompson. As in the movie, the streaming version follows a diverse group of students pushing back against discrimination at a mostly white Ivy League school.

My job isn't to protect your feelings. It's to show you who you are. Sometimes that will be joyful. Sometimes it'll hurt. Somehow, a show about a teenager who's convinced he's a psychopath and wants to find his first human kill manages to come off as a charming love and coming-of-age story. The tone demands a lot of the audience: Can you empathize with the human struggle of a kid who wants to kill, kill, kill?

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It's a compelling premise that tackles the question with necessary nuance. Fauda , an action thriller about an elite team of undercover Israeli commandos working in Palestine, is perhaps the best of Netflix's recent foreign-language shows, a frantically paced and politically charged melodrama filled with sequences of white-knuckle suspense straight out of Homeland or But unlike those spy dramas, Fauda spends nearly as much time on the private lives of Palestinians as it does on its gun-toting heroes.

It's got a moral complexity that its more simplistic American counterparts often lack. A showcase for the charismatic brutality only Jason Momoa can muster, Frontier is a rollicking Netflix and Discovery Channel Canada co-production about the literally cutthroat 18th-century North American fur trade. The adventure series has more in common with breezy syndicated fare like Hercules: The Legendary Journeys than it does with Momoa's star-making Game of Thrones , but if you squint hard enough at the right moment you'll swear that it's Khal Drogo himself cutting off that poor sap's ear.

It's odd that it took so long for someone to make a fun comedy about professional wrestling. Where Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler turned the plight of a washed-up grappler into a Sisyphean struggle in spandex, GLOW , which was inspired by a real-life wrestling women's wrestling promotion from the '80s, takes a sunnier but still no-holds-barred approach. It's one of the few pieces of pop culture that actually captures this "fake" sport's very real appeal. More specifically: the titular Good Place, something like heaven minus all the religious stuff. Things go swimmingly until Eleanor realizes she's been mistaken for someone else -- a glitch in the system that sends the utopia into a downward spiral.

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As we noted last year , "By the time you get to the incredible season finale, it's clear you've been sent straight up to TV heaven. Netflix users of a certain age have likely overlooked this dramedy from Marta Kauffman Friends and Howard J. Morris The Starter Wife , about two septuagenarian friends Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin who shack up together after their husbands Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston announce they're in love and intend to marry. If you've indulged in the low-key, picture-perfect comedies of Nancy Meyers It's Complicated , Something's Gotta Give , give this one a try.

A police sergeant Sarah Lancashire is investigating the kidnapping of a local businessman's daughter by conspiring West Yorkshire locals; one of them is connected to the rape of her own daughter, who committed suicide eight years earlier. Tension builds at crime scenes and in familial moments, as Catherine swallows her suffering to parent her daughter's illegitimate son.

On this show, murders happen by accident -- which is even scarier than premeditation. Maria Bamford's semi-autobiographical, surreal spin on mental illness in Hollywood was a summer sleeper hit for Netflix. It'll take you a few episodes to get invested, or even to wrap your head around WTF you're watching.

But once you're hooked, you're hooked. Matthew Weiner knew where it was all going from the start -- and the AMC show's creator even warned us in the third-season premiere, via a Don Draper line to Roger Sterling: "I keep going to a lot of places and ending up somewhere I've already been. The series spans many eras as we travel throughout time: the s change the people around Don, and the second half of the final season, set in , is momentous. Betty confronts her own mortality. Pete breaks his life in two so that he can put it back together again. And then there's Don Draper: well-meaning, self-destructive, creative genius Don Draper, who dreams big and falls hard over and over and over again.

As the documentary team behind this essential Netflix binge, which rivals The Staircase and Serial season one in its capacity to inspire righteous anger and rabbit-hole quests for the truth, details without exceeding skill, justice for Avery and his nephew, tragically swept up in the deplorable affair, has most definitely not been served. This one is the bleakest on the list, so we advise you spread out your binge as much as possible. This eight-episode miniseries which may or may not spawn follow-up series -- we'll see!

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But sometimes you just can't stop yourself from bingeing a nicely paced true-crime dramatization with unlikely actors in the crucial roles, like we have here with Avatar 's Sam Worthington as a dogged FBI agent who uses linguistics to track down the Unabomber , Avengers: Age of Ultron 's Paul Bettany as the hermetic, manifesto-writing mad bomber , and Party Down 's Jane Lynch as Janet Reno!

David Fincher loves serial killers. Wendy Carr Anna Torv as they establish a division of the Bureau tasked with solving a "new kind of crime" that lacks what most law enforcers think of as rational motives. You feel not only for the agents and their decidedly second-priority romantic partners, but also for the killers, some of whom possess knife-edge intelligence and a caustic self-awareness, while others inspire near-instant revulsion.

Could a new crew of comedians revive the effortless magic of public-acess-born Mystery Science Theater With the nerdy Jonah Ray The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail locked in the new spaceship, once again backed by Crow and Tom Servo but with new voices, Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn , spearheaded by former Daily Show head writer Elliot Kalan , and produced by original host Joel Hodgson, the new incarnation pelts jokes at late-night schlock and half-assed blockbusters with relentless force. There's a musicality to the jokes in MST3K: The Return , punctuating every bit of dead air in the god forsaken movie choices, and everyone is at the top of their game.

This thriller is a treat for history buffs, unpacking the horrifying, drug-laden history of Colombia during the reign of legendary kingpin Pablo Escobar. As Escobar, Wagner Moura is both terrifying and captivating, and his opposition, two DEA agents fighting their way through a convoluted mystery, give a scarily real sense of the American efforts to end the war on drugs. Moura is SO convincing that I'd probably spit on him if I ran into him on the street on behalf of the Colombian people -- he's that good at being bad.

Narcos ' mix of archival footage and contemporary fictionalization keeps you engaged, and reminds you that a literal genocide had to happen just so yuppies could blow coke in the Hamptons during the '80s only kind of kidding. The coalition of nations that fought with America in Afghanistan included Norway, and it's in a foreign camp that the show begins with a tense military operation to take out a suspected suicide bomber. Make no mistake, though: This is not a war series, but a political one, focusing on the treacherous ripples terrorism sets off through national politics.

If Stranger Things was a little too basic for you, give this wonky sci-fi series from co-creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij a shot.