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Bring to boil, then stir in 2 T.

The Unintended Bride

Boil celery, salt, water, sugar and butter until soft, then add rest of ingredients. Bring to a boil, then serve. I do like celery, and usually add it to different recipes, but not as the main ingredient. Plus it is good, RAW, with pimiento cheese or cream cheese, too.

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Home grown celery that was left in the garden till it is ripe till it changes color is much sweeter. How about trying it with peanut butter? We like to fill the groove with peanut butter to eat the raw sticks. Don, Its never to late to marry again.

Neuheiten, Bestseller, Bildung

My grandmother was 81 when she married again. Those young chicks should have fun while they can. Anyone lucky to find love again as such an age is very blessed. Please send us information on how the wedding even goes. I feel for your son. Hope he gets well soon. And many prays for your son Don Curtis. Now I must start my morning chores, while all I would rather do is curl up with my iPad and keep reading AA.

Have a great day everyone! Annmarie I just got my own chores done so I know what you mean. Question for you or anyone who reads AA on a mobile device —I am looking to optimize this site for mobile devices—how is your experience reading it? I have only viewed it on a Kindle, which is a bigger screen than a smartphone, but smaller than an iPad.

When we walked in to the reception or meal area at one Amish wedding, each table held a flower vase filled with upright, green celery stalks. Some leaves were still attached at the top of the long, individual ribs of celery. It looked like a pretty bouquet of celery! At another Amish wedding our eyes were treated to home-grown, cut sunflowers in vases on the meal tables.

Indeed, the sunflowers were Amish-grown! Thanksgiving Day this year seems to be popular for weddings. We are also invited to an Amish wedding on Thanksgiving in Michigan. Both the others also had about guests each. This site sure teaches me a lot! I do know they will have creamed corn, because I helped get the corn off of ears in August.

The services are indeed 3 hours.

The Unintended Bride (Once Upon a Wedding, book 3) by Kelly McClymer

The part in German is translated for the English who are all grouped together in a corner so as to not disturb the others. Most of the guests come by bus or van. The next nearest community is two and a half hours from Unity. Joan, Several years ago at a wedding in Pearisburg, VA, we had the benefit of the simultaneous translation.

The four yes 4! My surprise was that we heard nothing about Tobias and Sara from the apocryphal book of Tobit, a common theme in most Amish weddings. Also do you know who this Maine group fellowships deens with.

Three weddings! You are blessed with good Amish friends. Only the first part of the service here is in German, maybe 45 min to one hour out of the three hour service. The three related communities here in Maine are Old Order. Joan, the book of Tobit can be found in a Catholic edition of the Christian Bible within the Old Testament just to let you know where to look. We live down the road from an Amish school.

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I was puzzled why the shades were still down and all was dark several days this month. A friend at church figured out it was happening on Tuesdays and Thursdays — there are lots of Amish weddings going on around here! Hi Erik, I mostly read it from my iPad however, I have used a blackberry. Like you said the screen is small, so you need to go up and down to see all the different links in AA.

Hope that helped. Thanks Annmarie. More than I thought was the case, anyway. I appreciate the feedback. Such as wearing jeans and a tshirt,clean shirt? I asked Mark what would be appropriate to wear to an Amish wedding. He reminded me that an Amish wedding is actually a full three hour church service with marriage as a theme. The Amish men, women, and children dress as they would for church.

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A mutza Amish suitcoat with hook and eye closure is optional. Mark says the mutzas are kind of seasonal except for the ministry. Ministers wear a mutza for service year round. The mutzas have no lapels or folded collar.

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Black socks and black dress shoes that tie are worn. Women wear the suit dress.

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Something about a cape dress with a full apron. The women are to wear a bonnet and shawl if weather is cool but a bonnet year round. Black tie shoes and non-see through stockings for the women. Children dress about the same except Mark said it is more acceptable for the little boys to wear stocking caps in cold weather. Most of the school age boys until they are church members wear what they call crushable hats to church.

I just copy down what Mark tells me.

I forgot. I asked Mark about wearing jeans and a tee-shirt.

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