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Our experienced eye doctors offer comprehensive vision examinations at our Forest optometry office and are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of eye diseases , conditions , and problems. We use advanced diagnostic technology and vision correction products and are committed to improving the quality of life of persons in the Forest community through enhanced vision.

Give yourself the gift of clear vision — schedule an appointment with your eye care provider today. Request Appointment Or give us a call Patient Forms Get the forms you need. I have soon made a silent agreement of mutual interest with a huge spider on a tree next to my shelter to stick to each our areas. As far as I noticed, she kept her part of the deal.

As I woke up, the dark shape of the trees slowly began standing out in the breaking dawn. How long a night can be when one wakes up every hour trying to fall asleep again and again. A hard ground, rugged and uneven, does not really make for a comfortable place to sleep. And how long a day can feel when there is nothing to do. I meditated, but the wet and muddy ground offered not much of a cosy venue to relax into the moment and focus on my breath. I got bored. I am not used to spend so much time with myself without any distractions.

The rules of the vision quest prohibit to bring any stuff such as books, music, computers or diaries. The idea is to spend 72 hours completely by yourself.

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With your self. Deep insights, strong visions and life-changing experiences were reported by those who underwent it.

Austrian football stadium hosts forest as dystopian vision comes to life

That made me curious enough to give it a try. I think there are more comfortable places to do it. On the evening of the first day, after 24 hours without food, my stomach growled for the first time. I have improved my shelter but when the rain in the second night became heavier I knew that this was nothing more than a nice try.

Vision Destroys Ultron - Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie Clip

Lying in my ridiculous shack in the middle of the night and wrapped into my sleeping bag, I felt raindrops persistently dropping on me. I spent a fair amount of time speculating on how I could improve my situation here. It just seemed that there were no options.

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I felt like packing my stuff and cancelling everything. Slippery ground, dark forest and heavy rain stopped me from this idea pretty soon. As a matter of fact, nobody will come to help me, nor will my complaints about the rain make it stop. You are actually the only one who can change your situation.

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For the moment it felt more comfortable to sit it out. At least I was not cold. Not yet! This I knew would change quickly once the sleeping bag would be drenched. I felt a bit like Rambo and proud of what I have built. But when the rain started my first shelter turned out to be nothing but a nice try. Day two.


The rain stopped, I had hope. I found a big rock close by that provided a natural shelter and pimped it by leaning long branches onto it. This time inclined, not horizontal. That makes the water drain away, not trickle through.

Lesson learned. Once I have mastered the survival task I could start spending more energy on what this vision quest is supposed to be. Well, more or less. Sometimes I was singing, Frank Sinatra and stuff. I was meditating more, mostly in my sleeping bag. I became hungry. The air was filled with the smell of wet mud. With the right breeze, the aroma of my shoes became dominant. They were wet too. I will spare you the details here. A fly and a bumblebee are my companions.


And a lot of other insects, indeed. I was thinking a lot, soon about Christmas and my loved ones at home. It means quality time with my family, some quiet days to think about what matters in my life. And of course: exchanging nice gifts.

Forest On Stasys - A Vision Of Light EP (DN) by Danza Nativa | Free Listening on SoundCloud

This year I will have none of that. This year, Christmas will be a different experience from what I used to know. How many people out there are not having this choice, I wonder? When a shelter gets too wet, I change to another one. In the worst case, when the rain becomes to heavy, I would just save my wet ass into the warm and cosy hostel nearby.

There is always an exit scenario.

How many people in this world know the answer, and know it too well?