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Firstly, it was imperative to find an appropriate title in English and secondly, most important books on the Catalan revolt were certainly the one from Josep This information is given in the Spanish translation of the book of Rosario. In Catalonia Is not Spain: A. How much does the world know about Catalonia and its role as a great medieval empire and one of Europe's first nation states? On September 11, , on Catalonia's National Day, one and a half million of the case for a free Catalonia available in the English language at present.

Your email address will not be published. For any collision occurring in an isolated system , momentum is conserved.

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The total amount of momentum of the collection of objects in the system is the same before the collision as after the collision. A common physics lab involves the dropping of a brick upon a cart in motion. The dropped brick is at rest and begins with zero momentum. The loaded cart a cart with a brick on it is in motion with considerable momentum. The actual momentum of the loaded cart can be determined using the velocity often determined by a ticker tape analysis and the mass.

The total amount of momentum is the sum of the dropped brick's momentum 0 units and the loaded cart's momentum. After the collision, the momenta of the two separate objects dropped brick and loaded cart can be determined from their measured mass and their velocity often found from a ticker tape analysis. If momentum is conserved during the collision, then the sum of the dropped brick's and loaded cart's momentum after the collision should be the same as before the collision.

The momentum lost by the loaded cart should equal or approximately equal the momentum gained by the dropped brick. Momentum data for the interaction between the dropped brick and the loaded cart could be depicted in a table similar to the money table above.

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Note that the loaded cart lost 14 units of momentum and the dropped brick gained 14 units of momentum. Note also that the total momentum of the system 45 units was the same before the collision as it was after the collision. Collisions commonly occur in contact sports such as football and racket and bat sports such as baseball, golf, tennis, etc.

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Consider a collision in football between a fullback and a linebacker during a goal-line stand. The fullback plunges across the goal line and collides in midair with the linebacker. The linebacker and fullback hold each other and travel together after the collision. Momentum is conserved in the collision. A vector diagram can be used to represent this principle of momentum conservation; such a diagram uses an arrow to represent the magnitude and direction of the momentum vector for the individual objects before the collision and the combined momentum after the collision.

Now suppose that a medicine ball is thrown to a clown who is at rest upon the ice; the clown catches the medicine ball and glides together with the ball across the ice. Momentum is conserved for any interaction between two objects occurring in an isolated system.

This conservation of momentum can be observed by a total system momentum analysis or by a momentum change analysis. Useful means of representing such analyses include a momentum table and a vector diagram. Later in Lesson 2, we will use the momentum conservation principle to solve problems in which the after-collision velocity of objects is predicted.

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Express your understanding of the concept and mathematics of momentum by answering the following questions. Click on the button to view the answers. When fighting fires, a firefighter must use great caution to hold a hose that emits large amounts of water at high speeds. Why would such a task be difficult? Robert Silverberg.

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